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Finding the Best Kids Chairs and Tables

As your toddler grows older, the activities that they can do by themselves also increase. Their bodies develop, making them capable of doing things they could not do when they were still an infant. For example, they can now sit upright, walk, talk, and hold items more firmly. This development causes them to be more active and want to engage in broader activities such as climbing or drawing. They are now more willing to play dollhouse with their friends (cooperative play), have tea parties with stuffed animals (solo play) or even draw pictures in the dirt alongside their friends (parallel play). How to harness and focus all this newfound energy and newfound interests while their growth and brains bloom? Without driving a parent out of the house wailing? With the best kids chairs and tables, of course!

Why buy toddler and kid furniture?

Your child’s growth from infant to toddler, needing educational and development activities requires the best and safest in toddler furniture and entertainment. For example, holding tea parties, drawing or just playing modeling clay on an adult-sized table and chair would be difficult for your kid, given its height. It’s better they play and draw at a chair and table set appropriate to their size. Plus, a kids table helps keep your tables from getting messy and damaged!

Blue Grey Kids Sofa from
Blue Grey Kids Sofa from

Table manners and practical life skills

You can begin teaching your toddler about table manners through by buying them their own table and chair. They can help set the table before meals, as well as clean it afterward. It is a good way to start teaching the value of chores at an early age.

Seating your toddler at their own table and chair during meals can help them learn table manners. Since the table and chairs are geared to their size, they can easily reach the food and dinnerware on the table. In addition, they can enjoy their meals because they can sit comfortably at their own table.

Comforting for toddlers and kids

Toddlers are at the stage of psychological development when they begin to recognize the difference between themselves and the people surrounding them. They are starting to see that not all people around them are the same height and size as them and the things they use in their everyday lives.  For example, toddlers will notice things that are too small for them, such as the clothes and toys when they were infants. Or things are now too huge for them, such as furniture and other items around the house. Therefore, furniture that is geared for their size will help with their psychological development. Their own-sized table and chairs would make them feel important, as well as comfort them because your house has spaces built and sized specifically just for their tiny bodies.

Me-time for your kids (and for you, too!)

Your toddler’s table and chairs are not only limited to mealtime use. Your toddler can sit on it while practicing their writing, drawing pictures, reading, playing with toys, and many other healthy and developmental activities. This “me” time for your kid allows you to focus on other things such as work or household chores. Instead of them wreaking havoc around the house, they can sit down and enjoy quiet activities while you are busy.

Promotes good posture, health and safety

One potential problem with toddlers using adult-sized tables and chairs is comfort and safety. It is difficult, even dangerous, for toddler to use adult sized furniture. A table and chairs made specifically for toddlers can provide children with the most comfort. They can avoid straining their shoulders and backs when reaching items on the table. As a result, they can enjoy their food more while still maintaining proper posture. Small chairs designed for toddlers let them sit, feet flat on the floor and with their back against the chair. This encourages proper posture – this is in contrast to booster chairs, which do not always provide proper back support.

Helps develop independence & self-reliance

With toddler furniture, your child can easily sit on or get off the kids chairs without always needing your help. As opposed to adult-sized chairs or booster chairs, where they constantly need your help getting in or out of them. For example, they can simply take their snacks and sit down to eat on their own. They can also get their coloring books and do their developmental activities peacefully and quietly.

Builds healthy relationships among siblings & friends

The best kids chairs and tables will provide each of your children and their friends with their own personal space. They can practice parallel or cooperative play together, while still bonding with each other, with less conflict.

Pink Double Sided Kid's Easel from
Pink Double Sided Kid’s Easel from

Why Toddler Furniture?

A table and chair set for your toddler can be helpful, even important for their development. It helps them develop proper manners at an early age and feel more comfortable about their size difference with the rest of the household. Supplying them with kid-sized furniture will help them in building confidence and independence! Giving your child a table and chair set would not only make them happy but you can often enjoy a bit of me time.  And no more worries about your coffee table (or dining table) getting messy. A win-win for you and your beloved child – and if you shop for the best kids chairs and tables at, you won’t have to break the bank, either!

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