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Biking With Your Best Pal: A Buyer’s Guide to Pet Trailers & Strollers

Getting out and exercising with your dog is one of the best ways for the two of you to bond. You get to spend time together while working out, staying healthy, and having fun.  

If you’re an avid cyclist, you’ve probably looked into bike pet trailers. These are a great option for people who want to go biking with their pets.  

But how do you know what type of pet trailer is right for you?  

In this guide, we’ll go over the different types of bike pet trailers. We’ll teach you about standard trailers, as well as ones that convert into a pet stroller or pet jogger. That way, you’ll be able to buy the perfect trailer for you and your pup.  

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Why Use Bike Pet Trailers? 

There are several reasons to opt for using a trailer when you’re biking with pets.  

For one, your dog might be trained to run alongside your bike yet. Many dogs are energetic and healthy enough to run alongside you for moderate distances. But if you have a puppy or a dog who isn’t trained for it yet, it can be frustrating when they get distracted and yank you off course.  

There are, of course, ways to train your dog to run alongside your bike. One of the best methods is a gradual introduction to running beside you. You can spend half your trip training your dog, and the other half enjoying your ride while they tag along in the pet trailer.  

Some dogs, such as short-nosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs, love to get out and about but don’t have the physical capacity to run alongside you at biking speeds. Pet trailers are a great solution for small and short-nosed dogs. You can take them along for the trip without putting unnecessary strain on their bodies.  

Bike pet trailers are also great for senior pups who can’t quite move like they used to. It gives them the chance to get outside without expending too much energy.  

Similarly, pet trailers are great for dogs who tire easily. You can have your dog run alongside you for a while to get that good exercise and then transition them to the pet trailer when they get tired.  

Bike pet trailers are also great options for people with cats, rabbits, and other animals that can’t run alongside you while you ride.  

Bike Trailer Only Models  

The most important thing when selecting a pet trailer is picking the right model for you. We’ll go over several different options so that you can make the best decision for you and your pup.  

The sturdiest and most cost-effective options are bike trailer only models. While other models can convert into pet strollers, these are built to function only as trailers.  

Our bike trailer model is built with Oxford fabric on top of a steel frame. That makes it super strong and durable for fighting the weather, water, and UV rays. It also provides shade for your dog while they’re riding along with you.  

Our bike trailer also has zippered doors on the front, back, and top. That means your dog can poke their head out of the top to catch some extra breeze. Each side is made of light and sturdy mesh for maximum ventilation and comfort.  

It also comes with a D-ring to hook on leashes and harnesses. This will keep your pup nice and secure inside the carrier.  

Our trailer also includes a weather shield in case you run into bad weather while you’re out on a ride.  

Two 20″ wheels are mounted on the rear to provide a smooth ride. Our trailer can be used on pavement or offroad, for those interested in mountain biking with their pets.  

It also comes with a safety flag on the dog carriage and reflectors on the wheels. These provide visibility in traffic and low-light conditions.  

The wheels on our bicycle pet trailer are quick-release and can fold flat for easy storage and transport. The carrier itself also folds down and can be easily transported or stored during the off-season.  


The overall dimensions of our bike pet trailer are: 51.25″ L x 28.75″ W x 35.5″ H. The cabin size is: 30.75″ L x 21.75″ W x 25.5″ H. The weight limit on our trailer is 66lbs.  

Make sure your pet will be comfortable in a space that size and that they do not exceed the weight limit. That way, the two of you will have the most enjoyable ride possible.  

Combination Bike Trailer and Pet Stroller Models  

We also offer trailers for biking with dogs that quickly and easily convert into a pet stroller. These models can be used as a jogging stroller that you push as you run or can be attached to your bike as a bike trailer for a cycling adventure. 

Our Aosom Elite II model converts between bike trailer and dog stroller in seconds without the use of any tools. The bike hitch is easy to attach, and the universal coupler fits most bicycles.  

The trailer hitch hides away underneath the carriage when it’s in stroller mode. The front can also fold back or be removed entirely in trailer mode.  

This model also has an adjustable handle for maximum comfort while you’re pushing your pup. There is a hand lock brake as well, so you can maintain control of the carriage when tackling steep hills or trails.  

The Ansom Elite II is made of waterproof Oxford fabric over steel. The front, back, and sides are all made of mesh for maximum ventilation. It also has three entrances for maximum convenience in getting your pet in and out.  

The front features a mesh door for ventilation and a separate rain guard to protect from the elements. The top acts as a sun cover to prevent your pet from overheating on hot days. It can also be opened up so that your dog can stick their head out and enjoy the breeze.  

This trailer also includes a D-ring and safety leash. These allow you to safely secure your pet during their adventure. It also comes with a safety flag and wheel reflectors for visibility.  


The overall dimensions of the Ansom Elite II with the handlebar and front wheel installed are: 61″ L x 32.75″ W x 42.5″ H. The cabin size is: 30.25″ L x 23.5″ W x 22″ H. The weight limit is 66lbs.  

Again, make sure your pet will be comfortable in a space of that size before you make the purchase. Our trailers are designed primarily for small and medium dogs.  

Combination Pet Jogger Models for Longer Excursions  

For those who are looking at doing longer adventures with their pups, our Aosom Elite II with storage pockets is the perfect model. The additional storage pockets make this a perfect option for those interested in all-day, overnight, or camping trips.  

If you’re looking to prolong your adventure, you need to ensure that you pack enough food and water for your pet. The external storage pockets help you do just that. They can also be used for storing doggy bags, leashes, or treats.  

As anyone who loves camping can tell you, managing your storage is a must. If you’re going to carry everything that you need for one or several nights, you need to be intentional about your packing. This model gives you two extra compartments to help ensure that you and your pup have everything that you need.  

Once you’re comfortable cycling with pets and want to try your hand at mountain biking with them, you’re going to need a durable trailer. The lightweight steel frame, waterproof fabric, and sturdy 20″ rear wheels with suspension make this an excellent option. It’s perfect for offroad use.  

The Ansom Elite II also converts seamlessly between a bike trailer and a pet jogger without the use of any tools. That means you don’t have to pack any extra wrenches or screws into your hiking backpack.  

The wheels and trailer also fold down for easy storage and transportation. For avid hikers and campers, this key feature can help you save space when transporting your gear.  

This pet jogger also comes with a D-ring and safety leash to ensure that your pup is safe and secure during your ride. This is especially important when tackling steep, rocky, or uneven trails.  


The overall dimensions of this model with the handlebar and front wheel installed are: 52″ L x 31″ W x 40 1/2″ H. The cabin size is 30 1/2″ L x 23 1/2″ W x 21 1/2″ T. The maximum weight is 66lbs.  

Once again, make sure your pet will be comfortable in a space with these dimensions and that they do not exceed the weight limit.  

Adventure Awaits  

Bike pet trailers are an excellent way to include your dog in your life. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized dogs that want to come along for the ride.  

Now, you know the difference between standard trailers and those that convert into a pet stroller or pet jogger. You can pick the perfect one that you and your pup will enjoy for years to come.  

Check out our collection of bike pet trailers today, and get ready for an adventure that neither you nor your dog will ever forget.  

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