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Buying Guide for the Best Gaming Chairs

Our Best Guide for Gamer Chairs

For the past thirty years, gaming has evolved in an incredible way. It’s gone from a teenagers’ pastime frequently frowned upon by parents to a global phenomenon enjoyed by people of all ages. Today, it’s an industry as established among adults as movies, sports or reading.

Of course, that also means that gaming equipment is far more available these days, in all its shapes and forms. However, while getting the coolest controller or the sickest PC hardware mods is great, you should also devote some time and money to the very basics of your gameplay experience — what you’re sitting on while you play!

The gaming chair industry is one of the youngest and most interesting niches in the wider gaming equipment industry. The first chairs specifically made for gaming were designed and produced in 2006, by companies that previously manufactured high-end car seats. The immense influence racing seats had on gaming chair designs is clear in their designs.

These days, however, gaming chairs aren’t just about style and looks — they have an important role to play in helping you maintain proper posture during long gaming sessions. When choosing your own gaming chair, make sure you consider all the aspects — from ergonomics to aesthetics, and everything in between.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go through this alone — we’ve created an in-depth buying guide that goes over all the important gaming chair features in sufficient detail, so read on!

Important Gaming Chair Features

Platform Compatibility

Black and Red Gaming Chair from
Black and Red Gaming Chair from

Before considering any other aspect of gaming chairs, make sure that it’s compatible with the gaming systems you frequently play on. Most people buy mid-range chairs that don’t necessarily connect to the gaming platform in any technical way — but their functionality still depends on what you’re using them for.

As an example — while you can use a gaming recliner sofa chair for both PC and console gaming, you’ll find that a racer gaming chair with a built-in wheel will be a poor fit for people that don’t play those kinds of games on a console. On the other hand, even the coolest RGB LED lighted PC gaming chair won’t be of much use if you mainly play on an Xbox, PlayStation, or a Nintendo console. If you’re going to play on different systems, consider a hybrid gaming and office recliner or separate chairs.


LED Gaming Chair from

Gaming chairs are more than a sizable investment — depending on the model, they can be physically large as well. That’s why you want to make sure that any particular model can fit in your gaming room, home office, or living room — with enough free space remaining for other people to find a seat and freely traverse the room without being blocked.

A computer desk chair with gaming features will take up the least space, but it will also be less suitable for console gaming. Conversely, a hybrid sofa swivel chair will be a great fit for both console and PC gamers — but it will definitely take up the most space

Also, your own size is a factor to consider. Every gaming chair has its maximum weight and height specifications, so make sure these are compatible with your physique before buying. Otherwise, you’ll find the chair a bad fit despite its many cool features. For instance, most high-back racer-style gaming chairs have a 265-pound weight capacity.


B/W Gamer Chair from

As we’ve mentioned above, there’s a reason why gaming chairs are designed with just as much care for comfort and ergonomics as the best office chairs. Most gamers who are serious enough about their hobby to get a special gaming chair will also spend a lot of time in it — and that means they need the lumbar, back, and neck support for a decent posture, as well as an adequate level of comfort.

This is especially true for swivel-base ergonomic chairs that remain in a fixed place — what they lack in mobility they gain in balance and comfort. Of course, even a regular office racing-style chair is expected to provide a decent level of comfort, with its sturdiness making up for less padding compared to recliners.

Extra Features

B/W Heated Massage Gamer Chair from

So far, most of the stuff we’ve talked about is something you’d find in a well-made ergonomic office chair as well — they have comfortable padding, lumbar support, and decent weight capacity as well. However, what truly sets gaming chairs apart is their style and additional features — and the latter is certainly another important factor to consider while buying your next chair.

For example, you can find heated gaming chairs for maximum comfort — frequently, chairs with heating features also come with massage functions that come in handy after a prolonged gameplay session. On the other hand, plenty of game recliners come with extendable footrests.

Of course, you can also find high-end chairs with vibration capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and storage containers for gaming controllers or food and drinks. However, bear in mind that there are the highest-priced chairs, and sometimes these novelty features can increase the price tag significantly.

Material quality

Gamer Chair from

Finally, you should also consider the material your gaming chairs are made of. Generally, you’ve got the choice between fabric and leather chairs — with the PU leather chairs being the most common. These chairs are a great choice for gamers who like to drink and snack as they play — even if you spill something on a PU leather high-back gaming chair, it’s unlikely that there will be any lasting stain. And while some wear and tear are inevitable over the years, this is an extremely durable material.


A lot of thought and consideration should go into the chair that you are going to spend hundreds (or thousands!) of hours in, raiding lairs and fighting BBEGs….!

So before you buy your next Gaming Chair, consider cost, comfort, ergonomics, style and durability…then go to and find the best deals on affordable quality gaming chairs!

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