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Welcome to the ClassicTrawler Network, getting our site back up and running has been a very long time in the making, with many, many false starts.

Over the years there have been many variations on the theme of presenting as much information as possible on what we describe as Classic Trawlers.

We first started presenting information from the ClassicTrawler Network back in 2001 beginning with Malahide and Romsdal Trawlers, since then we have continued to present as much information as possible on these very interesting vessel styles.


Many people over the years have asked if we'd ever consider providing information about other vessels that fit the Classic Trawler mold and for years an internal debate raged about doing just that, however doggedly we persisted with the idea that we started with the Malahide & Romsdal Trawlers and that's what we'd stick with.

However times change and so do ideas and now both the Malahide & Romsdal trawlers have their own sites, which you can visit at the following links.

So the question might now be asked where does this leave the ClassicTrawler site, well the good news is that the ClassicTrawler site will now show many other styles of vessels that fit the ClassicTrawler mold. Meaning that they have to be built in the true Classic Trawler style, have probably worked as a fishing vessel or their lines closely resemble that of the proverbal Classic fishing vessel.

The link below takes you to our photo gallery, many of the vessels shown in the gallery have their own site and links to those sites are provided so you can go and check them out and learn more about each vessel.



The Classic Trawler Network has been online since 2001, initially CTN began detailing the history of Malahide and Romsdal Trawlers.

Over time it became obvious that setting up individual sites for the Malahide and Romsdal Trawlers would allow the Classic Trawler Network to expand into discussing other styles of classic vessel that meet certain conditions indicative of what we term a classic vessel, namely built of wood and/or steel or aluminium, built prior to the mid 1980's and generally built using traditional boat building methods.

This covers a huge variety of vessels, not just limited to trawler style vessels, but covering a huge gamut of vessels, many of them really fascinating in and of themselves.

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