Welcome to the Classic Trawler Network. Home of the most comprehensive information ever assembled in one place on Malahide, Romsdal & North Sea Trawlers, from Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries.


Welcome to the Classic Trawler Network, our network is dedicated to presenting, preserving, fostering and sharing the history of the Malahide, Romsdal and North Sea Trawlers types built in an era when power cruising was in it's infancy.

The Classic Trawler Network in 2016 is focused on presenting comprehensive and up to date information on Malahide, Romsdal and North Sea Trawlers. This vessel type continues to be of great interest and our site is dedicated to making information available so there will always be a place to come and research or just learn about these very seaworthy type of vessels.

Over the years the Classic Trawler Network has been asked many times since we first started out if we would ever consider showing other vessels, and for years an internal debate has raged about the pro's and con's of doing just that.  At last the debate is over and we will be starting to show other vessels, as long as they meet with our basic criteria for inclusion on our site.

Our primary mission here at the Classic Trawler Network is and always has been to be the one stop source of the most comprehensive information available on Malahide, Romsdal and North Sea.  However to understand the success of these vessels one must look to the past, back into the fishing vessels of Scotland, Ireland, Norway the Scandinavian and Baltic areas to even begin to understand why the Malahide, Romsdal and North Sea Trawlers were and still are so successful today.

The North Sea trawler has been developed over hundreds even a thousand years dating back to the Vikings of old, they brought with them knowledge about how to build very seaworthy boats when they invaded Scotland and Ireland, leaving their mark upon the land in such a way that the origins of boats from both Scotland and Ireland can be directly traced back to the Vikings of Norway.

To wrap up the intro to the Classic Trawler Network, may we invite you to come on in, take a look around, you won't be disappointed, we have considerable information available on the Malahide, Romsdal and North Sea Trawlers, but they are not the only vessels of there type, far from it.  One only has to start looking for information about Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, Scandinavian and Baltic trawlers to realise that the vessels from these areas are but the forerunners of the venerable Malahide, Romsdal and North Sea Trawlers.   Our new site is jam packed with information about many other vessels, both young and old.

As a foot note, many of these vessels have been destroyed over recent years because over jealous beaurocrats cannot see the value in preserving history, this not only destroys the vessels but the livelihoods of the men & women who ran them and/or the associated industries, but often has far wider implications for the overall community. Isn't it time we realised that Small is Beautiful and important to the overall health of communities, shouldn't the focus be put back on communities and not focused around the excess profits of corporate conglomerates.

History! Boat history that is, just love IT!